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On June 3rd, 2013 HUD changed how FHA collects the mortgage insurance premiums. Most borrowers will now pay monthly mi until the loan is paid off and/or sell the home.

If you put at least 10% down on an FHA loan when you buy the home, you will pay mortgage insurance for at least 11 yrs (unless you pay off or sell the home before that time). This makes our Zero PMI loan a great alternative to FHA financing.

The "Extra Buying Power" is the approximate increase in loan amount you could get for the same monthly payment as a regular loan that requires mortgage insurance.

Not only can you purchase a home with Zero PMI, you can also refinance up to 97% of your home home's value to pay off an existing mortgage. So if your present home loan is FHA or has PMI, you might be able to reduce your payment.

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